Andrew Shecktor

for U.S. Senate 2018

Forging a Brighter Future for all Americans

A new spin on the Grand Old Party;

Acknowledging that we must all be able to coexist in an ever changing society.

Standing by the rights and privileges our forefathers fought so hard for!

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About The Candidate

"Forging a Brighter Future for all Americans"

Andrew Shecktor
Not a career politician. Not wealthy. Not a political hack!

I am currently an elected member of the Berwick Council and am also on the Berwick Planning Commission. I have been involved in politics for over 40 years, and was on the Congressional Computer Advisory Committee under Congressman Jon Fox. I was on former U.S. Congressman Laurence Coughlin's staff for a number of years (13th Congressional District.)

I have been involved in the fire service for 41 years holding many elected positions and petitioning for the betterment of the volunteer service. In addition I have been active in various other emergency services and military communications.

In 2016 I ran for delegate to the Republican National Convention, and won despite being second to last on page to on a ballot of 15. During the election process I met over 22,000 residents of the 11th Congressional District, and asked them what they expect from an elected official, and why they are so frustrated with the political system. The resounding response was they want their voice to be heard. Too often elected officials make themselves and their staff inaccessible. Our elected officials are supposed to represent the people, not the reverse. There needs to also be more input from the voters on matters that are voted on in Congress. The rationale for legislation enacted by Congress or by any elected official should be relayed to the public; particularly in instances of controversial legislation. Not everyone will be happy with every decision, but everyone should be able to have their voice heard.

Andrew Shecktor


Constitutional Rights

The Constitution should be considered law and should not be open to interpretation nor should its contents ever be dismissed. I fully support the first and second amendment as written without compromise or interpretation.

Gun Rights

Guns don't kill people - People kill people. We don't need more gun laws. In fact, gun laws and carry laws should be universal and reciprocal. Criminal laws need to be tougher and be consistently enforced. The penalty should be what deters crime.

Reduce Government Control

Federal laws need to be reviewed and consolidated. Obsolete and outdated legislation needs to be removed. Redundant laws need to be consolidated. Conflicting legislation needs to be corrected.

Veterans Affairs

Our military veterans deserve better. The rate of homelessness and suicide among veterans is atrocious. War related illnesses including PTSD are pushed under the rug. Unemployment among veterans is higher than the general public. We need to do more for those who risked their lives for our future and our security.

Core values:

We are a nation divided and on the brink of disaster. We are broke, and probably are in one of the greatest depressions of all time. Only by the grace of massive public assistance has this not come to light. We need jobs and practical education, including education to retrain adults who have been displaced by technology. We need to prevent insurgents from crossing our borders and creating chaos. We need to counteract the blight caused by illegal use of narcotics and illicit drugs. We need to find a way to maintain human jobs in an era of automation and technology which is eliminating jobs at a devastating rate (big business doesn't seem to care that once they eliminate all the jobs, there will be no one to buy their products!) We need to reduce duplicity in government and reduce the number of taxing agencies as well as the number of taxes (combine 10 taxing agencies into one and not only have you simplified the tax system but you have 10 percent of the administrative cost.) Most urgent of all we need to somehow weld the gap between the right and left, between the city dwellers and the rural folk which manifested itself and which is causing our country to be on the brink of civil war. All members of Congress as well as all state and local elected officials must listen to their constituents. This is what they were elected for - to represent the citizens. Elected officials should not be afraid to confront the public at town halls, but must be prepared to explain what they are doing and why, and must also listen to the concerns of all. There is no way to satisfy the needs and wants of everyone, but everyone should have a voice and a say in their government. Government officials need to be reachable, and need to listen to all input. Too many shut out comments from anyone out of their district - this limits their understanding of what is going on in the rest of the country. We are in for a long and arduous journey, and there may be no viable compromise, but we must do our best to meet in the middle without compromising the foundations of our nation.

Some key points I believe in follow:

Constitution -

The U.S. Constitution is the foundation of our nation and must not be compromised or interpreted in any way. I fully support our first and second amendment rights as well as all other parts of this great document.

Employment -

There is an urgent need to close the gap of the wealthiest to the poorest Americans. Jobs that pay wages that families can live on must be created and people must be motivated and educated to be able to obtain this employment.

Industry -

Industry that creates jobs for humans should be encouraged and incentives should be given to them based on the number of jobs they are providing. Industry that discourages jobs for people and replaces people with automation should be penalized for the loss they have created. Also, employers who export jobs overseas should be penalized. Those that create jobs for U.S. citizens should be encouraged.

Health care -

Affordable health care should be available for everyone, including those with pre -existing conditions. The cost of health insurance, copays, deductibles and pharmaceuticals should be affordable - Not just the cost of the insurance. An open market with cross - state sales ability should be able to accommodate this if greed and corruption is eliminated by severely penalizing those who overcharge and by providing incentives to those who keep costs down.

Immigration -

Legal immigration of vetted persons should be encouraged. There should also be a plan to integrate undocumented immigrants who have been here and are productive citizens. Undocumented or illegal immigrants who have committed criminal acts or who have been subsiding on public assistance should not be permitted to remain in our country nor should they be permitted to receive subsidies.

Human rights -

I believe an equal rights amendment to the U.S. Constitution should be adopted which covers all people under the law. Virtually all developed nations have this incorporated into their constitutions. Matters of morality or personal choice should not be dictated by the federal government, but rather by the states.

National Security -

The United States should defend itself against external aggressions or actions that affect or may affect national security. In other matters the United States should only act upon request of a nation and only when acting on that request will not affect other vested interests. We should protect and defend our interests, but should not be the " world police. "

Budget -

A balanced budget must be worked out, including a significant reduction in our deficit. This will require extensive cutbacks which should begin with cutbacks to foreign nations and non-essential projects and services. We must begin to realize that our nation is bankrupt and we can't keep creating and spending money we don't have. If projects are cut, the wealthy with personal interest in those projects will step up to the plate and provide funding. This has been proven time and time again.

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